your first corset – let’s go shopping!

(first post in this series – basic infodump)
(second post in this series – measuring, considerations)

OK we’re not shopping for you. We’re shopping for me. Spoiler alert: I already know what I want. I don’t have the money for it, it’s out of stock anyway, and I’m not yet ready for it so it doesn’t matter but I thought I’d walk you through the process of finding a corset. I’ve purchased great fitting corsets so far so I feel comfortable enough doing it that I can help others a little.

We need more measurements but I’m just being quick ‘n dirty right now: My underbust is 28″, my waist is anywhere from 27-29″. My upper hip is 32″ and my lower hip is about 35″. The lower hip is only important for a longline corset.

What I have in mind: I’m currently able to kinda close a 20″ so I’m thinking about going to an 18″ next. I will need a rib spring of 10″ and a hip spring of 14″. I’d like a longline, but it’s not a deal breaker and I don’t mind hipties. I don’t have my heart set on any kind of material. Mesh would be nice for the summer (our apartment gets to be 100F, easy). Cupped is preferred, semi cupped is acceptable I think.

So I’m going to head over to Orchard Corset. I remember they have a rather curvy model, something that I need to look for at this point. A newbie might want to look at the 426 standard. It is a cozy comfortable hug but it’s just weird on my body for some reason and can’t be worn for long. Other people have better luck than me.

For shits n giggles go ahead and check out their satin 426 longline and see if you can find the rib and hip spring measurements. Go ahead I’ll wait. Yeah ok so it’s just not going to be a good fit for what I’m looking for. Also why don’t they give a lower hip measurement if it’s a longline? Anyway…

OK Let’s go look at their curvy model. Find the rib and hip springs again. It’s 2″ too big in the hips and 1″ too small in the ribs. I could get a 16″, lace it with a V shape to allow room for my ribcage and waist. It is a very lovely shape and it might be something worth getting in the future if there is a sale. The only problem is I think it’s got a conical rib? Sometimes I can’t tell very well and I don’t see it mentioned on the page.

We can look at other websites like Timeless Trends. I don’t have any from there but they are very popular. Go ahead and have a little lookie-loo, see if there’s anything you like. Would anything fit me? I couldn’t find anything. 😦

(While we’re at TT, go ahead and check out their silhouettes page.)

OK I’ve looked at a variety of websites now and I’ve had a hard time finding something that’ll fit me, largely because anything below 20″ is a bit out of the norm for off-the-rock (OTR). I could get custom made but I honestly just really love Mystic City Corsets so let’s head over there. Hashtag not sponsored. Hashtag please sponsor me.

One of the great things about MCC is they provide loads of measurements for each corset and tell you how to measure for them. So you ought to do that and write those numbers down.

They have a pretty handy tool right here. Plug in your measurements (or mine, if you want to follow along with me) and go.

Now we can scroll down and look at the numbers and see what we can find that is similar to our measurements. I’d love to have a longline but it’s not a deal breaker. Just going by rib spring (the first column) I have to scroll alllll the way down to find the 10″ ones.

Remember I’d prefer to have a corset I can close so we’re looking for exact numbers.

Whoa! MCC112 is a perfect match! Let’s type that into the search field… we get these results:

Ohhh lucky me, looks like I could get myself another galaxy print corset, when it comes back in. I can also get a mesh one. That would be awesome for the summer. That lace one is also gorgeous. Extra bonus points: This model has a slight cupped rib.

OK let’s look at the comparison chart again…

The search isn’t working for some of the models and I’m lazy so I’ll jump to the corset I think I’d like to get next (although nothing wrong with the MCC112)

Yay, another galaxy option! And mesh. And it’s slightly cupped.

The more I look at them the more I think I like something about the 112’s shape better. I have loads of time to think about it and look at other companies. I looked at the other measurements I mentioned near the top of the post and it looks suitable.

So that’s it! I hope that walking through this process gave you a better feel on how to find a corset for yourself. I highly recommend you send your measurements to the companies that you like, along with what you’re looking for, to help you find the best corset for you.

I think I will do at least one more newbie related corset post after this and it will be about lacing up, different lacing techniques, and fitting issues.

your first corset – measuring, considerations

So hopefully you’ve read my first post about corsets. When you’re done with this one you can read a walk through on finding a corset. And hopefully you’ve watched a bunch of videos and looked at pics and read other stuff. Now we’re going to look at what measurements you need and some considerations. Then we’ll go shopping together for my next corset, yay! (I’m not buying yet but I’ll walk through the process to help give an idea of how to find a corset)

Measure Thyself

I recommend you watch this video and read through this page.

Then visit Lucy’s page right here about measuring yourself. Watch the videos, do the reading. Write your numbers down. Measure again just to be sure. It will tell you exactly what size corset you should look for, including rib and hip springs but I will get into how the springs work down below.

Consume all the information on the above links. It’ll help.

Rib and Hip Springs

I’ll be talking about these springs with the idea of being able to completely close the corset. I personally love the idea of closing a corset but if you want to wear it with a gap I’ll get into it at the end of this section. As a reminder, wearing with a gap/closed is personal preference + up to your own body. Some people can’t handle a closed corset on their spine. I like how a 2″ gap looks, it’s very nice but I dunno, I just like a closed corset on myself?

A rib spring is the difference between your rib (underbust) measurement and the waist of the corset you want.
i.e. I have an underbust of 28″. If I want a 22″ corset (which is reccomended for me) then I need a rib spring of 6″. The 6″ is the difference between the corset’s waist and my underbust.

The hip spring is the same thing but the difference between the corset’s waist and your hips.
i. e. The difference between the corset waist size I want of 22″ and my 32″ hips is 10″.

So for my first corset, that I’d like to close, I’d need to look for something with a waist of 22″, with a rib spring of 6″ and a hip spring of 10″.

If I want to train in a 22″ corset but I want a 2″ gap I would want to look for a 22″ corset with a rib spring of 4″ and a hip spring of 8″. You will be unable to close the corset but you’ll get your 22″ waist and be able to wear it nice and parallel and it’ll eventually fit like a glove. I have this corset in a size 22″ and I can get it closed. If I wanted to wear it with a 2″ gap I could have gotten it in a size 20″.

Things to Consider


If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before getting into corsets. Hopefully you have a corset-positive doctor. Some may have crazy preconceived notions about them. If you see other people with your condition successfully waisting, then you should present those cases to your doctor.

Weight Loss/Gain

I have lost close to 25 pounds since I got into corseting (not because of, I just started cooking heatheir food for myself, yay whole foods plant based!). I started with tightlacing and the corsets that were comfortable at first got uncomfortable and then just too big as I lost weight. I was only buying from Heavy Red, who makes slim corsets (loved them for fashion and back pain management) and I wasn’t knowledgeable or taking corsetting very seriously. So I can’t give very good advice in this area.

Many people will tell you to go ahead and get a corset and start waist training now, don’t wait until you loose your weight. I’ve seen them recommend talking to who you get the corset from, many people will get one a bit smaller than they should get so they can wear it longer.

As for weight gain, I haven’t seen any advice about this. Perhaps getting a corset with waist ties would be beneficial. You should talk to others more experienced about this, and discuss it with the company you want to buy from.

Off The Rack (OTR) vs

(will do this later)


Stealthing is wearing your corset under your clothes, especially without the corset showing in any way (laces, outlines). If you mainly want to stealth you’ll want to consider how thick the corset is, the material it’s made from, and any additional decoration it might have that would show through your clothes or catch on the material.

I have this PVC corset and I can stealth it with loose clothing but not something like a tight t shirt or dress. The material is nice and slippery so clothes I wear over it don’t “stick” like it might with a cotton corset.

I have this satin corset and I haven’t tried anything tight over it, but I’m currently wearing it with a loose cotton dress and I can tell that it would be much easier to wear something tighter without the actual corset lines showing.

Cupped vs Conical rib shapes

This may not be something you’ll care about with your first corset. I say: Don’t worry about it. Unless you hate the look of one of the other or if you have some bitchin’ ribs.

Something to take into consideration is the rib shape of a corset. Some listings will tell you what it is. And if you like the shape in the pic, then go for it!

A cupped rib will be more comfortable on your ribs than a conical. As it sounds, it will “cup” your ribs. You’ll also be able to get a greater reduction. But that’s not a big deal for your first corset.

A conical rib is less of a cup shape and more of a harder straight shape over the ribs to your waist. It will push your lowers ribs in more, especially if you’re doing a large reduction or you have beefy ribs.

I personally prefer the look of conical most of the time, but I’m going to be trying to get cupped or semi cupped corsets to make training more comfortable.

Waspie, Average length, Longline

(will do this section later)

Rib Training

This brings us into rib training. This isn’t something you should concern yourself with as a newbie and I can’t talk much on it but I think it should be mentioned briefly. It’s mostly something to think about if you’re looking at extreme reductions in the future.

I am not a doctor, I just have to mention again to listen to your body. Know your body. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns or medical conditions.

Whoops, I have ADHD

So earlier this year I was diagnosed with ADHD and it’s been a Huge Thing. I never had a clear idea on what ADHD was. I thought it was simply having a poor attention span and I figured eh, I probably have that. No… noooo. It’s so much bigger than that. ADHD is a Big Deal. Big Time Big Deal.

I casually stumbled across some information about it one day and I got super interested in learning as much as I could about it. That’s what I do: I find a topic and I research the fuck out of it (probably what is called “hyperfocus”). It was Just Another Research Topic at the time.

The more I looked at it the more I thought it sounded like me. I was seeing stories from people who didn’t know they had it and how their lives were better once they knew and found the right treatment. There are also people who decide to not medicate but knowing it about themselves was really important.

I had thought my entire life that I was stupid and lazy and worthless and that’s just how I am and I’d never amount to anything. I saw countless other people saying similar things. I tried not to get my hopes up but it sounded worth looking into.

I’m not into self diagnoses but I did do several online tests (yeah yeah, I know) to see if I should even go for an actual diagnosis. One test was actually done with a local place that specializes in diagnosing and treatment. You do the test online and their doctors “review” it and get back to you. They said I had signs of “combined ADHD” (hyperactivity and inattentive). They had some weird thing with insurance and weren’t taking new patience and they seemed too good to be true anyway so I started searching for other places to get an official diagnoses from.

At the end of my search I found someone through ZocDoc that had great reviews. I got the appointment pretty quick. My insurance deductible made it painful but what really sucked was the diagnosis process itself… it took me longer to wait in the waiting room and fill out all the New Patient paperwork than it did to actually talk to the doctor and get my diagnosis. I’m doing a separate post about my test results and will link it here after it’s posted.

When I told her I wanted to see if I had ADHD she simply handed me her laptop and asked me to fill out a test. It was one of the ones I had taken online. Here is a PDF version of the exact test I took.

I was hoping for a thorough testing. The other places I looked at said it would take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. This test took me 1 minute, 2 tops. I just felt… defeated. I didn’t go in looking for a heart to heart talk therapy sort of thing but I wanted thorough testing.

I finished the test and handed her laptop back. She looked at it for half a second, shrugged, and said “you may have borderline ADHD”. (maybe she would think a little differently now if I had answered the questions better, discussed in my test results post mentioned above).

We then jumped into discussing medication and 30 seconds later she had electronically sent a prescription for Adderall to my pharmacist. We discussed side effects, I had a question or two while feeling dead inside. Then I left and went home (well not really but that’s a whole ‘nother post, even more boring than this one).

So ok… BORDERLINE ADHD?! You either have it or you don’t. Right? Yeah. Pretty sure. So I figured my next ADHD “test” would be to see how I react to medication, and I’ll do a separate post about that as well.

But basically yeah. I think it’s safe to say that I have ADHD. Further thoughts on it later but I do want to say that it explains so much. SOOOOO MUCH. And the more I learn about it the more I say “Wow that explains so much”.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful somehow. I’d love to hear from other people diagnosed in their 30s and beyond.

waist training/tightlacing FAQ & trufacts & info dump

A properly fitted corset is heckin comfortable and I’m here to make sure you know a thing or 2 before you jump in. I see way too many people jumping in and hurting themselves or their corset. Don’t be those people.

A tad about me: I’ve been wearing corsets for ~5 years. I got into them for the fashion but quickly realized how nice they felt and found them to be very helpful for my rando back pains. I’ve been waist training for less than 1. Before I started waist training I was tightlacing in barely suitable fashion-y corsets. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them (they got me through some bad back pain) but now I’m into waist training. I don’t have a specific goal but I think it would be neat to squeeze down to 18″.

For this post I’m going to be talking very specifically about steel boned corsets that are meant for waist training. Not the ones that are just a tight stretchy material with several rows of hook ‘ eye closures on the front that give you no shape. And not the flimsy fashion corsets that show every lump and bulge.

I’ll update and refine with more info and pics over time.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I give advice about finding a corset and some other useful shit.

Waist training vs Tightlacing

Waist training is largely seen as goal-oriented corseting. You’ll wear a corset with a smaller waist than your own to train it down and shape your body over time.

Tightlacing is largely seen as just wearing a corset tightly. You’re not trying to “train” your waist. This is what I was doing before I started seeing how small I could get my waist.

Safety, Do’s, Don’ts

  1. I recommend you do a metric ass-ton of research before you even start looking at buying a corset. Those post is a good starting point, if I do say so myself. There are several FB groups you can join and useful YouTube channels. (links at bottom of page)
  2. Yes it is perfectly safe to wear a corset (as long as you’re doing it responsibly).
  3. Yes, you can lace yourself up! Unless you have mobility issues.
  4. Don’t wear your corset while exercising or showering.
  5. I do a lot of chores quite happily in my corsets. Personally I hurt if I do dishes and going up and down the stairs to much can get me a bit winded so I tend to avoid doing that when I’m laced. Other than that, life in a corset is quite cozy.
  6. Your organs shift when you lace up. Some go up, some go down.
  7. Listen to your body. If something hurts, if there is tingling, or something doesn’t seem right, take the corset off right away and evaluate what’s going wrong. You can try relacing if you think you had it positioned a little weird but make sure you listen to your body.

Basic Anatomy of a Corset (click to make larger)

Lacing Gap

  1. It’s important that the edges on the back of your corset are parallel. People often find || to be ideal but if your corset fits like \/ or /\ and it’s still comfortable then wear it like that!
  2. If the back is curved like )( or )( or something like )\ or // or anything but what I mentioned in the point above then something is wrong. Either the corset is a poor fit for you or you need to adjust how you’re lacing it. Here is a helpful post from Lucy’s Corsetry.
  3. Parallel is important mostly to the corset… they are rather tough but the bones aren’t meant to bend that way. It puts unnecessary wear and tear on your corset.
  4. “Springs” are important to learn about for picking your corset and I’ll get more into that in another post but basically a “rib spring” is the difference between your rib measurement and the waist of the corset you want to wear. A “hip spring” is the difference between your hips and the waist of the corset you want to wear.
My 20″ ReStyle CU 10. The top edge (hidden) and bottom edge overlap a tiny bit. The middle is (). because my waist isn’t ready to reduce further and the corset is a smidge big in the underbust and hips. When I try to close the middle it just pulls in the top and bottom because my middle isn’t ready to come in yet
Same corset as above but now it’s fully closed. I relaced with the Reverse Bunny Ear method to help pull the middle in. There is still enough resistance that it’s uncomfortable (I’m holding the laces tightly in front) so I loosened up after taking the pic. Listen to your body!
This is a newer corset I’m getting used to. 20″ MCC61. You can see I’ve struggled with getting the corset parallel. After taking this pic I loosened the middle a bit and then it was even. I have more room in the hips and top than it looks like (can stick my hands in there) so I should be able to close it eventually and it’ll fit like a glove.

Kindly submitted from another waister: “So long story short, this was a defective corset with springs that were 2″ smaller than what they should have been. I ordered an 18″ to have an intentional 2″ gap, but the gap was much larger obviously.”

Fitting Correctly + tips

  • If your corset is closed or nearly closed and you have a lot of space along the top and/or bottom, then the corset is too big for you. Return it if you can and get help picking a better one. The corset needs to eventually fit so that it hugs your body equally all around. (need to find pic for this)
  • Conversely, if the corset has no room at the top and bottom but your lacing gap is rather large (4″+) then it is too small. Return it and see about getting help to pick a better one. (need to find pic for this)
  • It’s ok to want to completely close your corset (have the back edges touching), as long as it’s comfortable to you. If you’re extra bony without much body fat you may consider having a corset worn with a gap.
  • It’s ok to want a gap (2″ is nice, really shouldn’t go over 3″) as long as it’s comfortable to you.
  • Corsets have been found to be beneficial for some people to help with pain issues, anxiety, and more. Check out this book or literally ask anyone who correctly wears a corset.
  • Have a belly? Yeah, me too. You can try “scooping” it up into your corset before you tighten completely. Or not, it’s up to you.

Taking care of your corset

  • Wear a liner if you’re not wearing the corset over your clothes! A liner protects your corset from the oils on your skin. I’ve heard good things about Orchard Corset’s bamboo liners.
  • Lace properly! As I’ve already said, having non-parallel gaps can be damaging to your corset. You ideally want a || gap.
  • Don’t wash your corsets. The bones can rust and that’s bad mmkay. Here is an article about cleaning and storing your corsets.

Weightloss, Shape, Eating, etc

  • Some people can eat normally while wearing a corset. Some can’t eat as much. If you’re in the latter camp then wearing a corset while you eat can work sort of like an external lap band.
  • Waist training is considered body modification.
  • Waist training isn’t permanent. Think of it this way: If you wear a tight ring on your finger long enough for it to leave a dent, the dent will eventually go away. It works the same way with your corset.
  • The length of time it takes for your body to return to normal after taking off your corset depends on your body and how much you train.

Customizing the fit/look

  • You can bend the bottom of the busk to make a scoop or spoon shape to go over your belly. It’s not too hard and it actually looks pretty nice, IMHO. Here’s Lucy’s video on that.
  • Some corsets have an “underbusk”, which is an extra piece of busk in the placard on the front of the corset. If you find your busk is too stiff you can remove the underbusk quite easily. I’ve done this with 2 of my Mystic City Corsets.
  • If your corset comes with a modesty panel, you can totally take it out if you want to. I love that Mystic City’s corsets come with a floating one but I still remove them. If the modesty panel is sewn in you can use a seam ripper to remove it or just scissors if you’re trash like me. Just make sure you’ll be keeping the corset before you do so!

Seasoning/Breaking In

me getting used to my 20″ ReStyleCU10. See how it’s a bit big at the top and bottom? I didn’t have it laced all the way down yet.
  • “Seasoning” your corset is less about breaking your corset in and more about it breaking you in. The corset will soften up over time, yes. But the whole point is to mold your body to the corset’s shape, not the corset to your body’s shape.
  • Season at your own pace. Some companies will tell you to only wear it for certain amounts of time when you first start but honestly if you put it on and you’re comfortable for 8 hours, wear it for 8 hours. Just listen to your body.
  • It’s ok to wear the corset loosely if you want to, while you get used to it.
  • it’s ok to wear the corset tight if you want to, while you get used to it.
  • While seasoning, (or even after you’ve gotten used to it), it’s ok to tighten and loosen throughout your time wearing it.


Now that you’ve spent (hopefully) loads of time learning about corsets, you’re ready to start thinking about picking your first one out. Here is a post about measuring and considerations. And here is a post walking through finding a corset.

goth 101/FAQ

So you’ve seen some spooky bitches with wild hair, dripping in black clothes, and you thought “Ohhh I wanna be goth too”.

First of all: There is a chance that those people were not goth. They could have been metalheads, emos, KISS, or any other type of people. You can’t tell what kind of music someone listens to by what they wear. Unless they’re wearing band merch*.

If you’re only after advice for some kind of dark aesthetic then this post isn’t for you. If you want to learn about getting into goth music, read on! I promise to try to keep it brief.

What is goth music?

Goth rock characteristics include a prominent, lead bassline; minimal, flanging guitar; tribal, 4/4 post punk drum beat or drum machine; baritone or unusually high pitched vocals; introspective and romantic lyrical themes; sinister 80s keyboards in minor key and reverb.

How to Tell the Difference between Emo and Goth

It’s a genre of music that came out of the late 70’s. It developed from post-punk, which I, and others, often lump in together under the goth umbrella. But it doesn’t really belong there.

The subgenres of goth music are: death rock, dark wave, ethereal wave, and cold wave. So if you’re flipping through a deathrock playlist and you find you don’t like them, there’s a chance you’ll like something from one of the other categories.

What songs/bands would you reccomend?

I really love Sisters of Mercy and anybody that sounds like them so I will always recommend them. You can check out my goth playlist list here on YouTube. It started out as just picking one song I liked from various goth band but I stopped doing that. I have a nice little variety but you can tell what I like the most.

You can see my Top Goth Songs list here.

Here is somebody else’s Goth playlist.

What about Marilyn Manson, Type 0 Negative, NIN, and thisothernotgothband?

They’re not goth. They’re some other genre. Probably metal or gothic metal.

A lot of people seem to take personally when they find out some band they like isn’t goth. It’s not a personal thing. It’s weird to act like it is. Stop it.

If I walked into a metal group and asked if Sisters of Mercy were metal I would hope that they’d say no, and help me understand why not. And I wouldn’t take it personally. I’d take the opportunity to learn.

What about Addams Family? Edgar Allen Poe? Elvira?

These are all gothic characters, authors, etc. Gothic and goth are not the same thing. Gothic refers to an aesthetic, a type of literature, and other specific dark things. So unless Edgar Allen Poe was still alive today and is rocking out to some Bauhuas, he is not goth.

But what if I want to listen to other music?

Then listen to other music. You can like any other genre of music while also liking goth. Some might argue that goth should be your favorite and maybe I’d agree but also if you like metal just as well then you are a goth metalhead. It ain’t that deep.

OK, but what should I wear?

Just come as you are. Wear what you want. You can be any shape, size, color, creed… goth music is for everyone.

But if you want to “dress goth”, you can get a band shirt. Or do a DIY battle jacket (goths love DIY, I’m slightly allergic). Add some pins or patches to your shit to represent your favorite goth bands and BAM. You’ve got a goth outfit.

What if I don’t like the music?

You can revisit the music later to see if your tastes have changed. If not, then you’re not goth and that’s fine. There are some music genres I don’t like and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Now what?

Support your local scene! See if there are any clubs near you that have a goth night. There are other genres that are often blended in with goth music, like industrial, but eh, whatchagonnado.

Support the bands you like! Buy their music, buy their merch. See if they’re on Bandcamp. Follow them on social media. Go to their shows.

And last: Find some online goth communities. This can be rather tough. About 9/10 goth communities are filled with everything but goth. My favorite is the goth subreddit. There is also a Discord server, linked in the post pinned to the top of the subreddit.

* And even then you can’t tell for sure because there are people out there who wear a band t shirt without knowing it’s a band t shirt. They “just liked the design”.

things I own one of

Awhile ago I saw a small trend of people on YouTube showing what they own 1 of. I thought it was pretty interesting. I don’t know why but I like seeing what people have. What’s in your purse? What’s in your house? This new topic scratching that itch for me. So I’ll share my list for people who need a scratch too.


  • eating utensil (a spoon, also doubles as cooking spoon)
  • plate
  • drinking glass
  • coffee cup
  • reusable straw
  • instant pot (no pots or pans)
  • kettle
  • basic tools like can opener, ladle, etc


  • blush
  • blush brush
  • highlighter
  • eye shadow brush
  • foundation
  • setting powder
  • mascara
  • eyebrow pencil
  • eye shadow palette
  • loose eye shadow
  • lotion
  • face moisturizer
  • soap (liquid castile)
  • shampoo (when hair is dyed, else just use soap)
  • razor


  • jacket
  • sweater
  • bra
  • belt (functional)
  • belt (fashionable)
  • pants
  • leggings
  • shorts (these might be ditched soon, they’re so uncomfortable)
  • set of workout clothes
  • flats
  • earrings
  • bracelet
  • onesie


  • purse
  • backpack
  • wallet
  • credit card
  • phone
  • sunglasses
  • glasses
  • water bottle
  • journal
  • comb
  • brush
  • vape
  • headphones


  • tv
  • portable gaming device
  • vacuum
  • steam mop
  • musical instrument (ukulele)

Taobao lolita resellers on Amazon? A JSK review

This review is mainly going to focus on a JSK. I saw this JSK ages ago on Amazon, sold by Nite Closet. It was love at first sight <3<3<3. I didn’t buy it because I know very well that lolita is a huge scammy place, especially on Amazon. It didn’t help that the dress didn’t have any reviews. Eventually a review showed up… and it sounded great. Then another showed up… it sounded legit.

I tried finding anything I could about Nite Closet but I couldn’t at the time.

Fast foward to last year I was making my first Taobao order. I remembered the dress and looked it up via image search. I can’t remember how much it cost – yes it was quite a bit cheaper. But I didn’t want to risk buying the dress only to find that it was horrible quality, plus I had no clue how much my order was going to cost in the long run.

I recently started visiting Vegas and during every visit I would think about how I really wanted to wear lolita there, especially in casinos. But I wanted a dress that wasn’t expensive and I wouldn’t feel horrible if it ended up smelling like an ashtray or getting stuff spilled on it. Again, this dress came to mind.

Fast forward again… I recently saw Lovely Lor’s video about buying lolita off of Amazon. I remembered the dress (hard to forget about it, it was in and out of my cart at least once a month since I first saw it). I decided I’d finally pull the trigger, Take one for the Team, and buy the dress. I decided to go with Amazon instead of Taobao because:

  • Prime shipping. Yes I’m an addict fite me.
  • Easier to return of it’s horrible or badly damaged or too small.
  • I was just really curious about how it would go and wanted to report back on it.
  • My Taobao ordering experience was kind of stressful. Maybe I can partly blame my ADHD (which I recently found out I have), but also I ended up paying a lot more in the long run than I expected and I pretty much regret the whole experience. Paying extra on Amazon would be worth it to me, personally.

The dress showed up today and… ta-da!

just a quick test. I need wrist cuffs and I have a headband that I think will look great.

OK, so the cons:

  • It was supposed to include a blouse. It did not. I tried contacting Amazon support about it through their webchat thing but I couldn’t get past the bots. I don’t think they could have done anything about it anyway except offer me to return it. There is one other dress in stock but that one may be missing as well. Meh.
  • The “hair accessory” is a pin on bow. At first I thought it had some color on it matching the print and then I realized it has a weird run in the fabric. It kind of works though? Probably won’t wear it, that’s fine. But it sucks that it’s damaged.
  • There are other runs and subpar sewing going on. Blah. As you can see the bodice has a booboo on it. The blouse hides the other booboos. I can probably repair it but ugh. UGH!
  • There are 1 or 2 spots on the lace along the bottom that flip up slightly kind of in a weird way. It’s not super obvious to me and maybe I can iron them down.
  • Parts of the print seem blurry? Not super blurry, just enough that you’d notice if you’re looking very closely. I’m not sure. My eyes suck and my glasses will be replaced soon so I guess I’ll report back on that.
there is that bit of frayed fabric. I should be able to trim it no problem.

The pros:

  • It is so comfortable. It’s going to be perfect for casino wear. It has stretchy shirring in the back.
  • The sizing is accurate.
  • It’s so pretty! Much prettier IRL.
  • The overall quality is better than I expected. The material feels very nice. I think the runs/fraying were done during the sewing of the dress and not necessarily the fault of the fabric so I don’t want to count that against the quality of the fabric? They could have picked a different fabric but dang, I like this fabric.
  • It has a “casual” feel to it which is what I love for my lolita clothes. I know lolita is loved for it’s extravagant but I love the stuff that I can just pull on and wear any day without feeling like I have to save it for a fancy tea party.
See, it’s running… wtf. But it almost looks like it belongs. But it’s a run. A run that matches the colors on the dress. wtf.

Things to note:

  • The straps are not adjustable
  • There is no waist tie
  • The buttons on the front are basic plastic. They almost look cheaper than the dress.
  • It is fully lined (and the lining feels pretty good)
  • One of the Amazon reviews said the zipper is a no go. I haven’t had the guts to try it, so I can’t comment on zipper quality.
  • No pockets.
  • It didn’t come with a tag! I have no clue who made it. I could find out, and if I do I’ll update this post.
  • The main design on the front is not crooked. The dress just keeps laying that way. This seems to happen with dresses sometimes so I’m not sure if that’s a flaw in sewing.

Final thoughts:

Do I wish I had bought this on Taobao instead? Ehhhhh…. I don’t know. I’ll have to think on it. I think the dress will hold up well but if it doesn’t then I’ll either be glad I didn’t spend extra stress/time on ordering from Taobao or I’ll be pissed I spent more on it from Amazon.

Will I return it? Should I? Some people obviously would. But I’m not that picky especially when the booboos are so tiny and fixable. I may try to contact Amazon about the blouse, maybe they can do a partial refund?

Will I buy lolita dresses off Amazon again? Would I recommend it? I think I would again but only after as much consideration and research as I put into this dress. Only you can decide if you should buy lolita off Amazon. If you do, I hope you’re careful! Remember, there is a lot of scamming going on in the lolita world!

Thoughts on pricing? Yeah uh $65 would have been awesome if it came with the fucking blouse. Without the blouse the price is just ok.

So my first impression, overall, is fairly positive. I am glad I finally got it. I was surprised at the overall material quality, the comfort is amazing, it’s just the sewing… ugh.

For those who are curious I got the blouse and shoes off Amazon as well. They are also decent quality, and match the casual comfy feel of the dress. The socks came from my Taobao order and I only regret I didn’t get them in off-white as well. 😦